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Season 1's promotional photo

Welcome to the Lea's Next Top Model WikiEdit

Cycle 1 - Premiered October 26th, 2011 - present


Contestant Actual Username
Afrika-Rea Fenty NerdStarrX
Amelia Lily yummy
Anica Dagenheld Kevian
Caridee English raygan94
Charlye Staggford restayna
Daniela Ryde Danielvk
Emmaleigh Raincourt Tevin1001
Isabella Ferreira Josh51
Karly Blake DianeRhea
Lavigskyina Duran Juergen
Mitsuki Zhang Mitsuki
Nicki Minaj Bdreezy15
Sutton King brittyxx

About Lea's Next Top ModelEdit

Taken from Lea herself: Over my past year and a half on tengaged I have joined many, Modeling group games. I made it my number one priority every single time I joined to make a name for myself. I have shown that I am high fashion and dedicated. But I have never made a name for me beng a host of a modeling group game.

Over tengageds 3 years Iconic modeling games like DanielVK's next top model hosted by DanielVK, Tengageds next top model hosted by Millzipede, Ozzy's next top model hosted by Oswald, Yummy's next top model hosted by Yummy, D&R's next top model hosted by Db and my all time favorite Kebins Next Top Model hosted by Kebin have shown their worth to this website. Now is the time for me to do so! over the next couple of weeks 12 girls will have an EPIC battle to see Who can be the first winner in Lea's Next Top Model!

Call Out ChartEdit

Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six Week Seven
1 Charlye Karly Lavigskyina Lavigskyina Nicki Amelia Charlye
2 Amelia Caridee Charlye Caridee Charlye Nicki Nicki
3 Isabella Anica Amelia Karly Anica Daniela Daniela
4 Anica Isabella Karly Isabella Emmaleigh Charlye Emmaleigh
5 Karly Afrika Anica Nicki Isabella Lavigskyina Anica
6 Lavigskyina Lavigskyina Nicki Charlye Daniela Emmaleigh Amelia
7 Nicki Nicki Isabella Daniela Lavigskyina Anica Lavigskyina
8 Emmaleigh Charlye Emmaleigh Emmaleigh Amelia Isabella Isabella
9 Daniela Daniela Caridee Amelia Karly Karly
10 Caridee Emmaleigh Daniela Anica Caridee
11 Afrika Amelia Afrika (No Elimination)
12 Sutton (No Elimination)
13 Mitsuki

Colour ContentsEdit

Maroon - Quit

Red - Eliminated

Grey - No elimination

Magenta - FMOTW winner

Green - Was that weeks challenge winner but was eliminated

Orange - Won Fmotw but was eliminated

Purple- Number 1 photo of the week

Blue- Won FMOTW and top photo

Call-out AverageEdit

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Charlye 1 4.5 3.66 4.25 3.8 3.83 3.4
Lavigskyina 6 6 4.33 3.5 4.2 4.33 4.71
Nicki 7 7 6.66 6.25 5.2 4.67 4.43
Isabella 3 3.5 4.66 4.5 4.6 5.17 5.57
Anica 4 3.5 4 5.5 5 5.33 5.29
Amelia 2 6.5 5.33 6.25 6.6 5.67 5.71
Emmaleigh 8 9 8.66 8.5 7.6 7.33 6.89
Daniela 9 9 9.33 8.75 8.2 7.33 6.57
Karly 5


3.33 3.25 4.4 5.17
Caridee 10 6


5.75 6.6
Afrika 11 8 9
Sutton 13
Mitsuki 13

Colour contentsEdit

Red - Model was eliminated with the worst Average

Purple - Model was eliminated but did not have the worst average

Brown - Model Has the worst average of that week

Orange - Model Has the best everage of that week

In, Low, Win, Out ChartEdit

Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Amelia High Low High Low Low Win Low
Anica In High In Low High Low In
Nicki In In In In Win High High
Charlye Win In High In High In


Daniela In In Low In In High High
Emmaleigh In Low In In In In In
Lavigskyina In In Win Win In In Low
Isabella High In In In In Low Out
Karly In Win In High Low Out
Caridee In High Low High Out
Afrika Low In OUT
Sutton OUT
Mitsuki OUT

Colour ContentsEdit

Yellow - win

Red - 2nd callout

Orange - 3rd call out

Green - 3rd last callout

Teal - 2nd last callout

Purple - Eliminated

"In" - Was not in the top or bottom of the group

Latest activityEdit

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